Name the undisputed champion of keeping greenhouse gasses out of our atmosphere. Hint—it’s not Silicon Valley.

Forests are one of the world’s best defenses against climate change. Period. They are the largest carbon sinks on Earth, sequestering greenhouse gasses that would otherwise be dumped into the atmosphere, further warming the planet. With every acre of forest that is clear-cut for timber, cattle production, or fossil fuel expansion, we lose irreplaceable biodiversity—and accelerate global warming.

As an organization, our deepest roots are in the area of old growth forest protection—and we continue to defend the health and wellbeing of forests today, even as the scope of our work expands to cover global climate and environmental crises. Using geospatial analysis and investigative research to uncover problems in global supply chains, we work in close partnership with local communities to design pathways to keep forests standing. We also negotiate with governments and corporations to help form responsible policies that protect Northern Forests and Tropical Forests around the world. 

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Northern Forests

Our campaigns are securing permanent protection of old growth forests in Canada, enshrining Indigenous sovereignty in policy demands and community resiliency as essential outcomes of changes in land use, and preventing the expansion of the budding North American “biomass” industry.

Tropical Forests

In partnership with the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA), our current tropical forest campaigns are restricting the capital that is financing expanded oil drilling in the Amazon, securing new policy and regulatory mechanisms to ensure California is not complicit in expanded oil drilling, and setting higher ambition for the Amazon in global conservation policy.