National Energy Board Releases Recommendation on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

May 19, 2016

Today’s announcement is no surprise. The NEB has never said no to an oil pipeline

Vancouver, BC – Today the National Energy Board released its recommendation to Cabinet for approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from Alberta to Vancouver. 

“Today’s announcement is no surprise. The NEB has never said no to an oil pipeline,” said Sven Biggs, Pipeline Campaigner for Stand.

“The real question is what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will do – the final decision is his. He has promised to listen to First Nations and communities, and if he does that, the very clear answer he will hear is – ‘No, this pipeline will never be built,’” said Biggs.

“Canadians know, this pipeline is all risk and no reward. If it were to be built this pipeline would result in a 700% increase in oil tanker traffic in Vancouver’s harbour. With such a large increase in oil tankers, it’s not a matter of if there will be an oil spill, but when,” said Karen Mahon, Director of Stand. “This pipeline poses an unacceptable risk to our oceans, our communities and most of all, our economy. Studies demonstrate that this pipeline would create only 50 permanent jobs, while putting over 200,000 at risk.

“This pipeline will not solve the problem in Canada’s oil industry. They are suffering from low global oil prices, and no pipeline will solve that problem.” continued Mahon. “The solution is to diversity our economy and get off the boom and bust cycle of the oil industry. The future jobs are in clean tech and renewable energy, that is where Prime Minister Trudeau should be leading us.”