B.C. groups applaud Biden LNG pause as victory for affordability and the climate

January 25, 2024

Following reports the Biden administration plans to pause liquefied natural gas (LNG) approvals to study their impacts on the climate crisis and cost of living, a coalition of B.C. environmental groups is calling on Premier David Eby to do the same.

“Today’s reports that President Biden plans to halt approvals of LNG terminals shows us true climate leadership means saying no to fossil fuel infrastructure,” said Peter McCartney, Climate Campaigner at the Wilderness Committee. “This is great news for anyone living on planet Earth and we hope this move inspires Premier David Eby and his BC NDP government to finally abandon plans to radically expand fracked gas exports.”

Shipping LNG to electricity plants in Asia is as bad or worse for the climate than burning coal, according to a growing body of research. That’s because leaks throughout the supply chain release methane, which traps far more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. 

Energy analysts south of the border say the White House is also responding to the cost of living crisis, as the United States becoming the world’s top LNG exporter has coincided with a significant rise in gas bills for Americans. Gas customers in both Australia and the U.S. have seen home heating bills climb after LNG export terminals came online.

“The whole point of these projects is to drive up prices for fracked gas,” said Kai Nagata, communications director at Dogwood. “That’s good for oil and gas companies, but not for households who rely on gas for heating and cooking. Pausing new LNG exports is a concrete way to stop the cost of living crisis from getting worse.”

Meanwhile the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, is promising to ramp up U.S. fracking and LNG exports even beyond today’s record levels. 

“The decision could not be more clear for Premier Eby and the B.C. government,” said Sven Biggs, Oil and Gas Program Director at Stand.earth. “Will they align themselves with the Biden White House and progressives across North America, on the side of everyday consumers and the climate — or will they side with Donald Trump and lobbyists for big oil and gas?”

Frack Free BC is a broad-based alliance of organizations and individuals working to end fracking, with a steering committee led by Dogwood, Stand.earth and the Wilderness Committee.


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Kai Nagata, Communications Director, Dogwood

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Sven Biggs, Oil and Gas Program Director, Stand.Earth

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